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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too Many Hippies 04/30/10

     The night started at CB's and Linsday decided to drive us to Cervantes to go see a show. I'm for women equal rights and never refuse anything they got to offer, so Mr. Black, CB, and I crammed into the vehicle and drove towards Five Points. "Here we go again," I thought to myself as we parked close to the venue. Upon turning the corner, we realized how long of a line there was. Mr. Black and I tried to sneak in but no dice. I guess we weren't slick enough. So we bought our tickets and cut in line. Sonic Bloom & Euphonic Conceptions threw this party that was featuring Ott, Bluetech, Emancipator, Satori Social, Sexytime, Heyoka and Phutureprimitive. Again the show was $30.00 and was it worth it? Fuck yes it was worth it! The only thing that annoyed me were all the underage granolas and the mediocre art.

     Every other hippie was trying to "trap" my friends and I. I had my own shit to get high with and was not going to buy shitty drugs from some 17 year old. Seriously? Get the fuck outta here! I was losing my patience quick so I took a couple hits of acid and a few MDMA pills to lighten up my mood. Mr. Black did the same. Before long I didn't give a shit that Cervantes decided to pack their space with teenage sardines. This crowd were mostly hippies from Denver, the worst kind. They smell like shit, have crappy dreads, got no money, and dance like e-tards! I started listening to the music on the main stage and it was quite difficult to navigate to the other room, especially to take photos. It just wasn't worth my time to squeeze between people. Sage was burning at the end of the stage in worship of some Hindu deity and there were two girls doing their danky hoop, go-go tricks. They were visually stimulating.


     Bluetech of Native State Records, Aleph Zero Records, and Waveform Records presented Satori Social of Oregon. This live dub band consists of Evan Bluetech on the keys, Katrina Blackstone on the vocals, Russell Scott on the horn, flute, sax, and keys, and Jason "Cedar" Miller on percussion. They played that kind of ambient/down-tempo/electronica/dub/soul that can almost make you fall asleep but still keeps you on your toes. It was full of organic sounds and deep trancelike soulful melodies. They executed their craft well as people were slowly dancing side to side.



     On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ott of Twisted Records, rocked the fuckin house! His mix of psychedelic dub spoke to me in my transcendental state. This guy from England also had a great stage presence. There were times I caught myself staring into space just listening to the awesome sound coming from the speakers. I was reborn. At this point it was worth the money to get in since I had a religious experience.

     Emancipator (Doug Appling) of 1320 Records and Hydeout Productions, also did an outstanding job. This producer from Portland, OR played what sounded like trip-hop/downtempo. He is a well rounded musician and doesn't just limit himself to electronic devices. Great melodies and a strong beat you can dance to. Plus he works well with others as you can see in the photos.

     Lynx & Janover of Realm Music are a duo from either Boulder or San Francisco. Their sound was not that original to me. I kinda paid attention. Hip-hop/down-tempo really didn't tickle my pickle. Maybe it was the disconnection to the crowd, or maybe they just weren't good. I'm sick  of writing about it.

     Then there was Phutureprimitive of Waveform Records, Native State, and Liquid Records. Also from Oregon/England, the Phutureprimitive live show had the crowd mesmerized as the band acted like a collective featuring drums by Thaddeus Moore, bass by Joel Crane, guitar, keyboards by Rain, and vocals by Alyssa Palmer. I definitely had a kinetic experience listening to all the band members playing their instruments in such a way that I almost cried (tears of joy that is).

     Sexytime , a duo consisting of Mimosa and Sleepyhead from the Bay Area, also, to say the least, KILLED IT!  I can't believe they're unsigned? With a magnetic stage presence, 2-step beat fused with grime dub sounds, this pair of musical gurus got the crowd moving. It was as if they were long lost siamese twins telepathically communicating and reading each other's body language. They were in sync in what they were doing. Maybe I was just high on drugs.

     Heyoka also from San Francisco under the label Muti Music handled it very well. His style of dub was very whompy with synth sounds that were from another planet. I danced for a minute before realizing that the vibrations were too much for my body to handle. I listened quietly from a distance while taking more photos of the crowd. It got more interesting as time went by.



     The party ended so we went to the after party at an undisclosed location. I almost lost my composure and managed to piss some people off. We then went back to the Bad Dudes lair and I fell asleep at about  noon. My girlfriend was upset but we worked our problems out. Just another long weekend.

Bluetech (Native State Records/Aleph Zero Records/Waveform Records)

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Ott (Twisted Records)

Emancipator (1320 Records/Hydeout Productions)

LYNX & Janover (Realm Music)

Phutureprimitive (Waveform Records/Native State/ Liquid Records)

Sexytime (unsigned)

Mimosa (unsigned)

Sleepyhead (unsigned)

Heyoka (Muti Music)

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