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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Electric Punanny (Guerilla Garden Edition) 04/17/10

      I heard of this event via Facebook, so I contacted Lily so I can get in for free in return for some photos. She agreed. Then I called Drew so I can get some free booze. He also agreed. Then I got Jolt's permission to let my girl, and two friends in through the backdoor. Everything worked out before I even stepped foot at the joint.

     The crowd were mostly artists and groupies. Beautiful people all around. The visual artists consisted of people I know personally like Jher 451, Scott Lefavre, and Jolt. There were also artists I did not know like Audrey McNamara, Filthe, Mike Ortiz, Pars Kid, Joe McSween, and Diego Rodrigues-Warner. The DJs performing were Jasmine Solano, Melo-X, and TONE.

     These are the kind of parties where I feel like I fit in. The music was a mix of Ol' School Breaks, Freestyle, and Pop. The artwork was very diverse since each artist has their own unique style, but this doesn't mean that some of them don't bite. I have my favorites and I think some could use some work. But hey, I'm no one to judge.

     Everything was normal until the party was crashed by this marching band wearing purple and playing their instruments. This was a performance art surprise by Veinte Doce

   An overall good vibe, diverse art, old school beats, alcohol, and the crowd made this an A+ in my book. Thanks to my peops for another great party. I got buzzed and passed out.







  1. Verrry cool! Nice Skae-darrrr. Props.

  2. Good Job Squiggles. Good photos, Good article, Great people.