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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After Party 04/30/10

     So Cervantes was done, and the after party was just getting started. An acquaintance, we'll call him "Gary", offered his home in Cap Hill for an all out rager. I've been to this particular house before and knew what kind of crowd to expect. I call them "Neo-Hippies" because they dress well and share their booze, even if it's a bottle of Crown.

     At this point of the night, I'm peaking off these pieces of paper that my friend Mr. Black wa kind enough to give me. I mean everything appeared to be moving in intricate patterns and waves, and the colors, what beautiful colors! Thank goodness I was sitting on a nice soft comfortable couch. I didn't get up for a few hours and I thought to myself that LSD was the greatest discovery of all time.

     Mr. Black was talking to a female with danky hoops for a while and was not paying attention to his phone. He was also duped by (what appeared) to be a homosexual into buying grade A cocaine from Chicago. It ended up being baking soda. Talk about trying to give someone a heart attack. Meanwhile, I'm taking a swig out of a Crown Royal bottle and sipping out of my friends beers because I'm immobile. This pattern of behavior continued well into the morning hours. We decided to head back to the Bad Dudes lair at about 7am. I called it a night while Mr. Black and CB had whiskey and cokes at the Atrium (a local gay bar). I met up with them a few hours later to find them deep in a k-hole petting Creager (Mr. Black's cat).

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